2022 Midterm Primaries- August 16th

Mike Dunleavy

Governor Mike Dunleavy arrived in Alaska in 1983 as a young man looking for opportunity, and he found it. His first job was working in a logging camp in Southeast Alaska. Later on, Governor Dunleavy pursued his dream of becoming a teacher. He earned his teacher’s certificate, and then a master of education degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He spent nearly two decades in northwest Arctic communities working as a teacher, principal, and superintendent.

Governor Dunleavy’s wife Rose is from the Kobuk River Valley community of Noorvik. Together, they have three children – Maggie, Catherine, and Ceil – who were raised in both rural and urban Alaska.

Kelly Tshibaka

Kelly, a mother of 5 and a proud Alaskan is running to represent the great state of Alaska. She wants to ensure Alaska remains a great place to raise families and where the next generation of Alaskans can rise and prosper beyond those who came before them.

Harriet Hageman

Liz Cheney is up for her primary in the state of Wyoming and the Rino who 'is the daughter of Dick Cheney must go. The best candidate to replace Cheney is a 4th generation Wyoming citizen. She has fought in the courtroom against government tyranny, and will fight for Wyomians in Washington after defeating Liz Cheney!

Check out this video!

Dusty Johnson

Dusty Johnson is running for re-election as governor of the state of South Dakota. Although he already won his primary I felt it might be important to include him here as a precursor for election day on November 8th. South Dakota's runoff elections would've been slated for august 16th.

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