2022 Midterm Primaries: September 6th - Massachusetts

Geoff Diehl

Diehl has had a hand in the politics of Massachusettes since 2010. He ran for state representative in 2010 and was sworn in for the position in January 2011. As a State Representative, Geoff led the fight for more transparency and accountability at the State House. Worked to increase jobs and send more local aid to cities and towns, and was also a champion of Massachusetts taxpayers and took bold action to protect them from tax hikes.

in 2014. The Legislature had voted to link the Massachusetts gas tax to inflation so that the gas tax would increase automatically every future year. Diehl decided to step forward to lead a grassroots effort for a ballot question campaign to repeal the tax hike. Our group collected 146,000 signatures in favor of the ballot question, and despite special interest groups outspending our team 31 to 1, we won. As a result, we have saved Massachusetts taxpayers from over $2 billion of gas tax increases since then. We were so successful that I was recognized by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) for Campaign Excellence for having the best ballot campaign of the year in 2015.

He has been endorsed by the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, and will serve as a great governor for Massachusetts!

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