Acting Justice of NY State supreme court found dead Tuesday, two weeks after the FBI raided his home

John L. Michalski was found dead in his home in Amherst, New York, a suburb outside of Buffalo appearing to have committed suicide.

Michalski was named to the court of appeals in 2006 and began acting as a state supreme court justice later that year.

The Buffalo News reported that law enforcement executed a search warrant on Michalski’s home last month. The investigation is probing the judge and his wife for possible tax crimes, as well as an online clothing and jewelry business they operate in their home. Neither Michalski nor his wife has received any charges.

Michalski has also been under scrutiny for his connections with the owner of Pharoah’s Gentleman’s club, Peter Gerace Jr. The Miami Herald has called him the nephew of Buffalo mob boss Joseph A. Todaro Jr.

In February of 2021, Michalski had attempted to take his own life by lying on Amtrack train tracks in the suburb of Depew. He sustained leg injuries after a freight train passed over him. This occurred on the same day That Gerace had been arrested in Florida on federal conspiracy to commit sex tracking, bribery, and drug distribution charges. Michalski proceeded to take a leave of absence and returned to the bench in January of 2022.

According to the federal superseding indictment a federal DEA agent named Joseph Bongiovanni was sighted for using his position to shield friends and associates. One of those likely being John Michalski.


NY judge dies by suicide weeks after federal agents search his home

Police raid at Judge Michalski's home sought evidence of tax crimes

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