Amazon plans on using censorship in its new employee chatting app, banning words like 'Union'

Amazon will reportedly create a content filter for their internal messaging app. Marking words like "Union," "Slave Labor," "grievance," "living wage" and even more as can't-say words.

Amazon has faced an enormous amount of criticism over the past 2 years over working conditions, while the company's CEO, Jeff Bezos, is constantly in competition with Elon Musk and others for the top spot on the world wealth leaderboards. At times employees are forced to use their water bottles in order to avoid taking a bathroom break. For this reason, the term "restroom" is also reportedly being banned on the chatting app.

The messaging app was originally proposed as a one-on-one social media site that would act similarly to hinge or tinder for employees. The app was set to feature "shout-outs" which would highlight an employee's extraordinary productivity for Amazon. Amazon has run a gamification program to attempt to increase employee productivity.

Other phrases included in the list of banned words: “unfair,” “master,” “slave,” “injustice,” “ethics,” “diversity,” “fairness,” “pay raise,” and phrases like “This is dumb” or “This is concerning.”

Currently, only one amazon facility has unionized. That location is a warehouse located on Staten Island. That vote to unionize became famous for Amazon breaking labor laws. Amazon received a complaint from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for illegally threatening, surveilling, and interrogating employees who were looking to unionize. There are major and real concerns that Amazon may use similar strategies with their second attempt to unionize in a warehouse located in Bessemer, Alabama.

Have you or anyone you know ever worked in an Amazon fulfillment center? What were your experiences? Let me know in the comments down below


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