An update on the Brooklyn Suway Shooter: A suspect has been apprehended, was on FBI watchlist In '19

A man believed to have orchestrated the shooting that occurred on a subway platform this Tuesday is now in custody. Reports say he was on the FBI watchlist back in 2019 but they had removed him around the time of the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot.

Law enforcement officials claim 62-year-old Frank R. James is responsible for filling the subway car with smoke and letting off 33 shots and wounding 10 people, all without life-threatening injuries, from his 9mm Glock handgun, before seemingly vanishing into thin air. This was not before he dropped his credit card and keys to the Uhaul truck he rented for the trip up to New York City.

James had been arrested 9 times in New York during the 90s, including charges of burglary and committing a criminal sexual act. He had been arrested in jersey those same years and again in 2007, on charges of trespassing, larceny, and disorderly conduct.

Someone claiming to be James had called the police station and said he was in a Mcdonald's in the East Village. Someone on social media had recently posted a photo of a man appearing to be Frank in that area and police went on a manhunt. They were soon able to catch Frank James. People are speculating whether he had given himself up, and this is the current belief of the police.

People have dove into his social media postings and believe there could be some real concern there. Frank has posted videos being critical of white individuals, NYC mayor Eric Adams, as well as the homeless crisis plaguing the city of New York currently. He also alludes to being familiar with the mental health system in place in the state of New York and has criticized the programs immensely.



Suspect in Brooklyn subway attack in custody, faces federal terrorism charge

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