AZ Rep Andy Biggs debuts 'America First Contract' designed to create pathway to success in November

Arizona republican Andy Biggs has proposed a contract labeled the 'America First contract' which would lay out an American First Agenda that aims at addressing weak border policies and launch investigations into top democrats.

Biggs says the goal of the said contract will be to change the narrative behind campaigning. Rather than saying we are not as bad as the other guy, they want to present these ideas as the best path forward. A vital distinction when looking to enact true differences in society.

The Contract highlights topics like securing our southern border, decrease in inflation and crime, suppo2rting parental rights when it comes to education, and stricter election laws, to codify our democratic processes. Republicans need a net gain of 5 seats to re-take control of the house.

Mr. Biggs’ plan calls for Republicans to convene several investigative committees in 2023 to look into the origins of COVID-19, Hunter Biden’s financial affairs, and abuses of the Democratic-led Jan. 6 select committee.

The hope behind this contract is to unite conservatives and present a positive approach toward our goals. Will we see the desired outcomes? You tell me.

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