Baby formula sees a massive stock shortage, up to 40% of baby formula brands are now out of stock

Updated: May 12

While parents are facing baby formula recalls and ongoing supply chain issues which supplement the burden of raising children, parents now have a new concern: not being able to get the baby formula for their infant children.

While in 2021 the average out-of-stock(OS) rate for baby formula manufacturers ranged from 2-8% on average, large manufacturers are experiencing supply chain shortages in the range of 40% of companies being out of stock for baby formula. Seven states are currently above 40% in OS rate, while twenty others are in the 30-40% range. The new data also shows in six states: Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Texas, and Tennessee, more than half of baby formula was completely sold out during the last week of April.

The FDA is urging parents to remain patient and is stating they are making efforts to increase production in a safe way. The FDA echoed this message further by saying they urge parents not to take desperate measures such as creating their own formula or purchasing from brands that have not been approved by the FDA. The situation has led to parents resorting to all sorts of measures to attempt to figure out a solution to their shortage concerns.

Samantha Cory, a mother of twins, claims she has begun hoarding and scavenging for more formula in order to stay ahead of a complete stock outage. Retailers like Target, CVS, Walgreens, and others have started enforcing limits on the amount of formula you are allowed to purchase from their stores.

For note, the FDA recalled three brands of powdered baby formula produced by Abbott citing potential bacterial infections, one of those being salmonella. Abbott is “working closely with the FDA to resume operations in its Michigan plant.” According to a statement made by the company.

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