Biden Invokes Defense Production Act, hoping to boost baby formula production

The Biden White House announced the Defense Production Act, a Korean War-era policy is coming back as a result of the shortages of Baby Formula.

Biden invoked the policy as recent reports have shown that baby formula is now on average, out of stock at a 40% rate across the country. The News of the shortages caused the mothers of the nation to rush to stockpile any formula they would be able to find.

The Bill will require suppliers of key formula ingredients to prioritize the delivery of those resources to formula manufacturers. The administration will also impose a bill ensuring faster flights of imports using Defense Department air cargo contracts.

Biden's orders arrived just hours before the U.S. Congress voted to put their own plan in place. they hope to expand access to baby formula for low-income Americans. Democrats then pushed for the inclusion of an extra $28 million in new funding for the FDA, with the goal of preventing future disruptions and bolstering safety inspections after Abbott manufacturing shut down its plant in February.

The FDA is urging parents to remain patient and is stating they are making efforts to increase production in a safe way. The FDA echoed this message further by saying they urge parents not to take desperate measures such as creating their own formula or purchasing from brands that have not been approved by the FDA. The situation has led to parents resorting to all sorts of measures to attempt to figure out a solution to their shortage concerns.

The social media backlash after the news of the shortages led many to question why we would send $40 billion in funding to Ukraine at a time when Baby formula shortages were widespread.

Images that circulated on social media from Ursula Processing Center

Rep Kat Cammack of Florida released images, to her Facebook, that went around social media, it appeared to show stock of Baby formula at Ursula Processing center. Many had labels saying 'Don't Take' leading many to question who is that referring to? Are those signs meant to keep people from delivering it to grocery stores, so mothers with American citizenship are able to purchase more formula. Or is it less sinister than that, could it be for anyone?

In my opinion, I believe the images with the signs saying 'Don't Take' are just labels of expiration dates. Most of the labels feature a year with those ranging from 2016 and what I believe was 2018, however not every image is clear and makes reading the sign difficult.

The rightful issue is the massive stockpile of formula for migrants heading to the border. Cammack (as shown) also posted a picture of the patrons of the facility using the product. It only furthers the questioning behind the current presidential administration. Many have wondered whether Biden values the lives of American Citizens first or those that are not a part of this country.

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