Bill Gates was funding smear campaigns against Tesla Ceo Elon Musk, which adds to a growing feud

Reports have come out recently implying a feud of sorts between two of the world's richest billionaires.

Musk has led a campaign recently to purchase the social media giant Twitter. Claiming he will grant free speech to any user that wants to use the platform. This has clearly infuriated the creator of Microsoft and now the major pandemic planner for the entire world, Bill Gates.

The drama between the two might have begun before Elon had tweeted out the image shown above with the caption reading "In case you need to lose a boner fast"

The smear campaign, where Gates-funded individuals to post hateful comments against Elon, had started prior to musk sharing the meme that was meant to bash the pandemic planner.

In recent weeks Musk has received social media backlash in the thousands of retweets and hate comments painting Space X CEO Elon Musk as a white supremacist, a fascist, and other terms the liberal woke mob uses as their standard.

The slanderous attack against a former citizen of South Africa leads me to question where was the actual outrage. Were all of the calls for Elon to not purchase Twitter Artificial? We've seen individual verified users on the platform lose followers en masse. Including former President Barrack Obama, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, and even future CEO of Twitter: Elon Musk. What can we consider real on the platform anymore!?

They've said it for years and it's coming back now, 'Don't believe everything you see on the internet!'

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