Brooklyn subway station had five riders shot Tuesday morning, with the shooter still on the run.

This article does not describe breaking news as of Wednesday, May 25th, this article was never shared and we wanted to provide a reference to the event that occurred on April 12th, 2022

A man in a gas mask and an orange construction vest opened fire on a moving Brooklyn subway at 8:30 this morning. Reports have said at least five individuals have been shot, and as many as 16 are wounded at this point. The shooter was able to escape without capture. An investigation is preliminary.

The individual shooter may have tossed a smoke canister onto the subway platform at the 36th street stop, located in Sunset Park, to attempt to distract the subway riders. Footage from the subway platform has been made available, and I will make that available on the second slide of this post as I feel you should have the option to view the video.

According to the NYPD, explosives were also found near the subway station and there is a belief it might be connected.

We at SMP hope the #nypd is able to apprehend the shooter soon and hopefully can return some feeling of safety to the city.


5 Shot on Brooklyn Subway by Man in Gas Mask Who Threw Smoke Grenade: Sources

Video Footage from the platform:

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