Chicago man now facing charges after authorities dug up his mother and sister from his backyard

Micheal Lelko has been charged with two counts of felony concealment of death. Michael is also being investigated for cashing his mother's social security checks in the sum of $1,000 for years after her death. Lelko has not been charged in the deaths of Jean Lelko (79) or Jennifer Lelko (44), due to the medical examiner being unable to identify how either woman died.

Michaels's brother John may face obstruction charges for his role in the concealment of Jean and Jennifer's death. He reportedly informed the police that his mother and sister had moved away and were both well off when in reality they were both dead.

Authorities were sent to the home when they were notified there had not been any running water in the house. None of the toilets were operable so the brothers chose to use bags for urine and feces. Another report states that there were star wars toys stacked to the ceiling, and all doors were blockaded by debris from the house, causing the brothers to use windows as the entryway to their home.

Michael told authorities his mother had died after his sister pushed her down a flight of stairs. He then claimed his sister died in 2019 from covid-19, however, the first reported death from covid in Illinois happened in February of 2020.

Authorities waited to identify the bodies before charging either brother. They have now chosen to take that course of action. Michael faces up to 12 years in prison for these charges, as well as possibly murder, manslaughter, or homicide if police find they played a part in the deaths of the two women.


Illinois man arrested for allegedly burying his mother, sister in backyard

Class 4 Felony Illinois Lowest Level Felony Offense

CRIMINAL OFFENSES (720 ILCS 5/) Criminal Code of 2012.

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