House passes bill that aims to provide $40 billion in funding to Ukraine, for war effort vs Russia

After receiving overwhelming support publicly amongst policymakers to fund Ukraine's war effort against Russia, the house voted 368-57 in favor of providing close to $40 billion in aid to Ukraine, a day after they repealed Trump's Steel Tariffs on the country.

Just hours after the bill's text was released, the house elected to hold a vote on the measure. This Funding mysteriously also comes as outcries from mothers attempting to feed their children pour out, and major supply shortages are hitting retail shopping centers that sell baby formula. Close to 40% of all baby formula is out of stock due to slowdowns in production from the FDA.

“The world must see that we are united in our support of Ukraine,” House Appropriations Chair Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) said on the floor just before the vote. “Vladimir Putin and his cronies must be held accountable. This bill does that — by protecting democracy, limiting Russian aggression, and strengthening our own national security.”

One point of contention amongst the Bill's text was whether or not to include another $10 billion in funding for covid related needs. Republicans insisted against it and ultimately kept the chunk of covid aid out of the Ukraine aid package. Democrats, however, have not closed the book on possible covid funding, saying they will attempt to go down other paths to get the resolution passed. Senate Minority leader, Mitch Mcconnell, often referred to as a rino by conservative voters, had reportedly also called Biden to see if the bill would be able to pass through congress on its own, to which Biden believed it would

The $40 billion being sent to Ukraine goes even further than the $33 billion packages Biden originally asked for. The sum of the aid package also represents over 5% of the United States' expected military budget for the fiscal year.

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