Judge Bruce Shroeder dismisses gun charge against Kyle Rittenhouse

On Monday, judge Bruce Shroeder had ruled to dismiss the gun charge connected to the August 25th self-defense shooting of individuals involving Kyle Rittenhouse.

The Judge dismissed one count of illegal possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18. The ban on minors possessing dangerous weapons applies to minors armed with rifles or shotguns only if those weapons are short-barreled. Kyle Rittenhouses AR-15 was not, meaning he was entirely within his right to possess the firearm.

On Wednesday, Rittenhouse testified that he was in Kenosha because his father had lived there, meaning he was attempting to protect his family's community. When you have divorced parents, and one has a home in a suburb on the direct outskirt of Kenosha, we have to look further into it than just making a basic claim that 'he was crossing state lines' and 'was only there to protect property' neither was never true. It was pretty apparent from august 26th.

He had basic CPR and medical training, and it was noted multiple times that Rittenhouse had been treating individuals and performing CPR throughout the night.


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Judge dismisses gun charge

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