Netflix lays off more employees, the trend of subscriber loss not fading

Netflix has announced they are laying off another 150 employees of the company on Tuesday. This comes after Netflix reported losses in viewership over the past quarter of the streaming service.

The layoffs come as Netflix announced a loss of 200,000 users that left the service in the first quarter of the new fiscal year. Economists for the company are now predicting to lose over 2 million users during the current quarter we are in.

Just last month Netflix was forced to lay off members of their third party company Tudum, which is focused on the promotion and dissemination of movies and TV shows that appear on the streaming giant.

Tudum employees laid off in droves over Netflix's "reshaping' of their corporate culture

Many employees who were laid off questioned why they had been recruited so aggressively to join the association that features mostly Women and people of color, just months earlier. Could Netflix not have seen a possible decline coming? The company had not even been in place for a year before starting to make cuts to the staff. Why sink so much money into a program that appears to be aimed at inclusion when you know it is not sustainable?

Could that be the Ultimate issue? When you go woke, it is hard to follow a conservative fiscal view, monetary value has to go out of the window because it would not make sense any other way.

We also have seen that the wokeness produced by Netflix has quickly lost its appeal. Films like Cuties and Dave Chappelle's 'Sticks and Stones' comedy special have created a divide in the viewership of Netflix, which could ultimately split the platform one day.

Two Extremely Controversial shows, but which is worse?

Cuties, a film featuring young children performing sexual acts in adult locations, rose fears of children being indoctrinated with graphic imagery of other children. Creators of the film claim they attempted to take Child sex trafficking head-on by showing the horrors of the industry. The point of contention is whether or not the children in the film needed to perform the questionable, adult acts themselves. With conservatives pointing out the hypocritical thought behind a group of filmmakers who were all adults being in situations with scantly clad young children who are engaging in adult activities.

Sticks and Stones had received blowback for a range of different reasons than cuties. Chappelle is an adult, one of the most famous comedians we've seen and viewed, for the most part, as one of the best as well. So what did Chappelle say? What did he do to piss off people, could he have performed sexual acts with children, A la Epstein, and others? No, to our knowledge there is no connection of that sort. So it must have been something profoundly offensive he had said.

Debra Kessler of the interrobang writes

"For starters, he’s had enough of America looking through a microscope at the lives of celebrities and calling them out for any sign of incorrect behavior. He’s comfortable copping to being a victim blamer and he isn’t believing those Michael Jackson accusers. He takes shots at Anthony Bourdain’s suicide. He can’t stop writing jokes about the “T”‘s and he’s got a few about the L’s the G’s and the B’s too. The F word flies freely. There’s plenty of N words. He’s pretty unhappy about the attacks on Kevin Hart’s good name. He’s okay with dusting off that Chinese impression that most people stopping doing years ago. He’s got a “me too” headache. And as for Louis C.K., well, he’s loudly and proudly saying that America got it wrong."

So I leave you with a final question, which is worse? What has caused a divide on the platform and an exodus of viewership. Was it Dave Chappelle telling jokes about different people and using impressions of groups he does not fall into or is it the growing wokeness, in which everyone must agree and if you don't you'll get the boot?

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