NYC Mom was stabbed almost 60 times, killer texted husband 'Your whole family is next'

Orsolya Gaal, a 51-year-old woman, living in Queens, NY, was found in a duffle bag Saturday morning and had been stabbed 58 times.

The NYPD received a tip about a suspicious duffle bag that appeared to be stained with blood at around 8:11 Saturday morning. The bag was located on Metropolitan Avenue and Jackie Robinson Parkway. There the police were able to find a blood trail going back to her home.

Gaal had two teenage boys, her oldest was out of town with their father at the time of her death. This meant that the only people home were her and her younger son. She had told her youngest son she planned to go out for a show; in reality, she had a date with another man. That man killed her in her basement and dumped the body half a mile away.

The family lived in the neighborhood for ten years, and neighbors recall them as reasonably ordinary families. Police are going door to door to see if they can piece together any connections that would link a possible suspect. Who had texted the father phrases like "Your whole family is next" as well as labeling the reasoning behind her murder being that she had gotten him locked up in jail years ago.



Queens mother found dead inside duffel bag: NYPD

Person of Interest ID'd After NYC Mom Stabbed 58 Times Was Found in Duffel Bag | News 4 Now

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