Repeal Delawares Senate Bill 59 Now!

In 2015, the Delaware Senate passed senate bill 59. This bill authorizes Delawares DMV to issue Driving Privilege Cards (DPC) to undocumented Delaware residents of any nationality.

The applicant is to schedule an appointment with personnel at their local DMV to start the application process. The individual is required to present proof of identification, is Fingerprinted, and also requires a Certification of Filing compliance from the Delaware Division of Revenue. The certification of filing compliance verifies they have filed Delaware taxes within 2 years.

We need to stop incentivizing individuals coming over our border illegally. There is a need to encourage legal immigration. One way is to stop granting rights to non-citizens. There is a legal process of coming to America and individuals need to follow that process or they do not deserve the rights that are granted to our citizens. The time of DMV workers as well as the expense on the taxpayer for that time is a waste!



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