Riley Gaines, swimmer who tied UPenn’s Lia Thomas, claims NCAA handled the situation 'very poorly'

In an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines recalls the procedure the NCAA followed after tying UPenn transgender swimmer Lia Thomas.

Gaines and Thomas had tied for 5th place in the women's 200-meter freestyle in the NCAA national championship. However, there was only space on the podium for 5 people. So who gets the spot on the podium if you tie. Should you follow the most basic approach and keep them tied for 5th and on the same podium because they both put up the same time? No, as you might’ve assumed, Lia Thomas was given the 5th place spot moving Riley Gaines into 6th.

When Gaines questioned the NCAA on their decision to derank her, she was given the response they were going in chronological order of winners. She responds “We tied. What are we being chronological about?" She later says that the respondent said “we're just going to give the trophy to Lia: We respect and admire your swim, but Lia needs to hold the trophy.'"

Tucker likened this showing to the NCAA blatantly promoting biological males over biological females even in women's sports. All while athletes are told not to speak out, according to Gaines.

Major quote from Gaines:

"It's finally gotten to the point where it's being shown and it's completely violating women and women's rights, especially in sports,"



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