Romney and other GOP Senators side with democrats in the procedural vote for Ketanji Brown Jackson

After being deadlocked in a vote to advance judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, Monday, the judiciary committee voted to advance her in the process after 3 GOP senators flip their vote and side with democrats.

Those three GOP members are Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Mitt Romney of Utah. On Twitter, Romney said of Jackson "[she is a] well-qualified jurist and a person of honor” who “more than meets the standard of excellence and integrity.”

The flip likely means Jackson will become the first-ever appointed black female justice to the United States supreme court. Notice I can not say woman as I am not a biologist, although I am taking a risk by assuming female.

GOP senators, as well as voters, need to be held accountable. These three senators vote in lockstep and they have not been voted out yet. What're we doing? We need to be supporting AMERICA FIRST candidates.



Jackson secures more bipartisan backing for Supreme Court nomination as 3 Republicans endorse her in a procedural vote

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