Russia releases U.S. Marine from prison in exchange for a drug trafficker in a Connecticut prison

The United States and Russia have negotiated the exchange of prisoners serving terms in the others country. The Marine appears as if he was wrongfully convicted, while the U.S. exchanged a properly convicted felon.

Reed was arrested in 2019 after a night out drinking. Authorities claim he had assaulted a cop while he was being wagoned in a police car. He was given a 9-year sentence in a Russian prison. His family has maintained his innocence over his three years in prison, he is expected to return to his family in the coming hours.

In exchange for Reed, the United States agreed to return Konstantin Yaroshenko. He had been a pilot in Russia who had been arrested in Liberia for conspiracy to smuggle cocaine into the U.S. He has been serving a 20-year sentence since 2010.

Reed has had deteriorating health conditions in prison while approaching his 1,000th day there. He leaves WNBA star Britney Griner who is being held for having hashish oil, and Paul Whelen who is imprisoned on espionage-related charges.

Is negotiating with Russia while they are in a wartime effort a good idea?


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Russia releases U.S. Marine vet as part of prisoner exchange

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