Supply chain shortage causes global disaster to economy

On the verge of the peak shipping season, we are seeing some of the worst supply chain shortages the united states has ever seen.

Covid-19 had shut down the global supply chain, and with lockdowns now lifted in many states, demand to be outdoors and enjoying the companies that had been forced closed once again. Things seem semi-normal, people are allowed to walk around groceries stores without a mask, even in lefty cities!

However, there are many differences to the way most individuals now run their businesses. Restaurant owners have dealt with increasing food prices for the greater portion of 2 years now, with many on the verge of collapse. Quality of products has dramatically gone down, as well as a rise in shrinkflation. Shrinkflation is the act of incrementally making your food smaller but at the same or similar price point. Causing the burden of the inflation spike onto you, the consumer.

There have also been major delays in shipping ports, due to many new restrictions and regulations placed upon sailors. Shippers face labor shortages, congestion of maritime ports, as well as less space available for cargo, TK

This has led companies to transition to air travel, as the price differential is no longer as glaring. There are still issues with this system, some countries have created policies declaring anyone traveling into their country would need to quarantine for 14 days. These and other restrictive policies will only slow any chance of us getting an economy back on track.



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