Texas AG Paxton successfully prosecuted Monica Mendez on 26 counts of voter fraud

On Friday, Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, and his office announced a successful indictment of an individual who plead guilty to 26 felony counts of voter fraud.

Monica Mendez, a Hispanic woman living in Port Lavaca, Texas, entered a plea agreement on the 26 counts, sentenced to five years deferred adjudication probation. The charges were investigated and brought forth by the Paxton Election Integrity team and the Victoria County District Attorneys' office.

On September 7th, 2021 Texas governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 1 into law. The bill is designed to 'uphold the integrity of elections in Texas.'

What did Senate Bill 1 do:

  • Uniform state-wide voting hours

  • maintains and expands voting access for registered voters needing assistance

  • Authorize poll watchers to observe more aspects of the election process

  • bans the distribution of unsolicited applications for mail-in ballots and gives voters with a defective mail-in ballot the opportunity to correct the defect.

Calls for action when it comes to election law became largely shared after the 2020 presidential election that saw Joe Biden gain 81 million votes (to Trump's 74 million). Governor Abbott signed the legislation in order to go after ballot harvesting operations, like the one broken up when investigating Mendez.

Mug Shot of Monica Mendez, a Port Lavaca woman who pled guilty to 26 counts of voter fraud

Monica Mendez was charged with:

  • 3 counts of illegal voting

  • eight counts of election fraud

  • 7 counts of assisting a voter to submit a ballot by mail

  • 8 counts of unlawful possession of a mail ballot

Mendez was reportedly in control of a vote-harvesting plan that caught to influence the outcome of a local utility board election.

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