The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas has given a $5k bonus to all of its resort employees, over 5400!

On Thursday morning, the Chief executive officer for the Cosmopolitan hotel in las vegas announced that all 5,400 employees of the company would be receiving a $5,000 bonus.

Executives from Blackstone Real Estate Americas and the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas thanked the employees for maintaining “a youthful, exuberant brand” in reference to their service throughout the covid pandemic.

Resort CEO Bill McBeath also highlighted The Cosmopolitan's philanthropic morals claiming they had made $9 million in donations over the prior 7 years. He also announced two employees will receive vacation trips to Hawaii and San Diego.

The cost of the bonus is estimated at $27 million for the resort, this should not be a problem for its ownership group. Blackstone is a New York-based private equity firm that owns many large properties. They also plan on selling the resort to neighbor MGM Grand in the coming weeks, they are currently surrounded by the Bellagio and Multi resort city center, both owned by the MGM Grand.

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