The U.S. plans on ending its pandemic border rules which could spell a surge in immigration

The Biden administration has been focused on repealing Title 42, or pandemic border restrictions, and we could see May 23rd as the final day of these programs.

According to CDC director Rochelle Walensky, covid transmission in migrants has ceased to be a serious danger to public health.

Opponents of the measures have said that the migrants will have to go to undesirable locations like Haiti and Mexico. I would like to remind you that most of the border is in the desert and if a migrant chooses to go on foot they must then traverse a desert in order to be within any city limits. Guerline Jozef, the executive director of the Haitian Bridge Alliance, said earlier this month "We are asking to revoke Title 42 and welcome people, whether they are coming from Ukraine, Haiti, Cameroon, Central America," with the hope that the Biden administration would allow for anyone seeking to enter this once great country entry.

title 42 made it so that an attempt across the border would not be put on your personal record. This was in part to account for the increasing number of immigrants seeking refuge in American hospitals during the pandemic and would allow for quicker processing of deterred migrants. This policy, however, led to many individuals attempting to surpass border security and make repeated attempts over the border.


The U.S. is ending its pandemic border rules. It could mean a surge in migration

US to end ‘Title 42’ border restriction in May: Reports

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