The UN is accusing China of 'Serious human rights violations' in a report of allegations of abuse

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The United Nations has finally released the report, covering human rights atrocities in the city of Xinjiang, which China has been working tirelessly to keep from making its way to the surface. Government officials in Beijing called the report a 'Farce.'

The report addresses human rights abuses against Uygher Muslims and other ethnic minorities in the country. Investigators claim they found "credible evidence" of torture possibly amounting to "Crimes against Humanity," human rights groups have also found networks of Uyghur Muslims, which the Chinese state call "Re-Education Camps."

The BBC has recounted reports they've made about rape, torture and forced sterilizations.

The UN's report concluded: "The extent of arbitrary and discriminatory detention of members if Uyghur and other predominantly Muslim groups ... may constitute international crimes, in particular crimes against humanity."

Also finding:

  • Allegations of patterns of torture or ill-treatment

  • Forced medical treatment

  • Adverse conditions of detention

  • Sexual and gender-based violence

  • indication of violations of reproductive rights through coercive enforcement of family planning policies

  • Labor and employment schemes that may involve elements of coercion and discrimination on religious and ethical grounds

  • There are currently 12 million Uyghur Muslims in XinJiang. Non-muslim faithed individuals in the area have also experienced similar actions done upon them.

Lawmarkers in the United States and other countries have denounced china's actions claiming a 'Genocide' is occurring within the city. The UN's report does not go as far as to make that claim.

Beijing who saw the reports before their release, they claim that the camps in question is a way of fighting terrorism. Government officials for the CCP have repeatedly claimed that the Uyghur Muslim Militants are waging "a violent campaign for an independent state." China remains accused of exaggerating the threat level in order to justify the repression of the Uyghur Muslims.

Data reported to BBC shows that officers in the camps are ordered to use weapons in the event of an attempt to escape. When an alarm goes off for the said offense, all surrounding roads are to be sealed off, buildings locked down, and the camps 'Strike Group' is then sent in to find the culprit. A warning shot is fired, and if the captive continues to escape the order is shoot to kill.

The Teachings in the camp are all meant for the Uyghur Muslims to devote themselves to the Chinese Communist Party.

Here's the kicker:

The debate over whether to post the final report. UN human rights commissioner Michelle Bachelet has delayed the release of the file numerous times. She Ultimately released the report 13 minutes before her 4-year term was set to end, Leaving in a blaze of glory, uncovering the atrocities brought forth by the Chinese Communist Party.

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