The War We're Living (3)

How long did you think it would take for Trump to fix America? How long did you think this war will last?

It never ends. The struggle for freedom never ends. America fell asleep and like a thief in the night the United States of America, a country of greatness, has become a barren wasteland. We are just now awakening to all that has been done while we were sleeping.

How many towns have you seen with huge empty factories, brush overgrown railroad tracks, run down housing, poorly maintained streets... what happened?

The town didn't just become like this overnight. This is decades in the making. We The People were sold out. Trillions upon trillions of dollars pumping out of an American Empire of Free People and Entrepreneurs was sold out so that a criminal cartel could become meager millionaires.

When the first oil well started pumping in Titusville, Pennsylvania - America catapulted human evolution to new heights. You are in contact with products that use oil every single day of your life from plastic water bottles to the gasoline and diesel in our vehicles and even the roads we drive on that churn the logistics of the American Economy.

Today, the Oil Industry that propelled the economies of the world to astronomical heights is being effectively shut down. The price of gas has skyrocketed to never before seen highs. That hurts every day American workers, small businesses (who have gone through enough since 2020) and the economy as a whole is put under tremendous stress because of the rise in costs associated with the price of oil. Which includes the price of electricity.

So who benefits from the rise in the price of oil?

Taxes increase, with no correlating cost. Credit card companies fees increase, with no correlating cost. This is the money war. A war against an empire built on banks.

The Biden Administration had made plans to periodically release the strategic oil reserve in order to halt or slow down rising gas prices; however, the strategic oil reserve was SOLD and exported - not pumped into the American economy.

That has very real consequences.

The American Economy is changing. The cost of petroleum and transportation has caused a huge swing in product costs and product shortages... you're going to see what its like for people to rapidly adapt to dangerous economic circumstances.

Just as people have migrated their families and businesses to more friendly Republican states, people have begun to rapidly and drastically change their money habits as well as their food supply habits.

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