The War We're Living (1)

Updated: May 18

You've heard it everywhere: "We're at war!"

It's not a war like any other in history. This is Modern Warfare, the battleground isn't on land (at least not yet), it's in the minds and hearts of people all over the earth.

You are part of a global revival. Or as my frens say, "The Great Awakening."

You are living in a unique time. The world is connected at the push of a button and for all the good and wondrous improvements to life that brings, there is a tragic downside: If good can travel around this world in a blink of an eye, therefore so can evil.

How do we survive and win in a world engaged in Modern Warfare?

The answer is quite simple and many people (probably even you) are doing it instinctively.

As people's lives are impacted by the woeful economy, underemployment, hyperinflation, and grocery shortages people are adjusting their habits to find a more sustainable lifestyle for their foreseeable long-term conditions and homeschooling.

You may notice more people raising chickens, stockpiling food and water, and getting back to our roots in our homes to prepare for long-term survival.

Men are stockpiling their arms and women are fortifying their kitchens. Children are being corralled away from places that were once unquestionably safe public schools to more private and religious institutions of learning or even homeschooling.

The world is changing around you. Every second, every day. We as a species, as individuals, and as a collective are migrating through this global struggle together. Paradoxically, by becoming more local in our economic and political agendas.

This, is not the perspective shared by our enemies.

So who are our enemies? Who are the people who are taking away your liberty and ability to pursue happiness?

They are the people that want you to be dependent. Our enemies seek to control us through covert means, persuasion, subversion, distraction, and never-ending pleasures that will extinguish our God-given spiritual instinct.

We know this because all of our instinctive decisions are preparing us to become more independent.

Your independence today is not the repelling of a despot's army as much as it is the ability to remove yourself from the system that has been constructed to enslave you - to keep you complacent, satiated, docile, inept, weak, pathetic, obese, drug-addicted, screen-addicted - a sad caricature from God's intended purpose for you as His beloved creation.

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