These Are the New Gun-Free Zones in Times Square

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has figured out her way around the supreme court ruling that claimed New York's open carry permit restrictions were unconstitutional, at least in Times Square.

The concealed carry law that the state legislature pushed for, and Kathy Hochul signed in June, goes into effect on Thursday, September 1st. These laws create a wide range of new requirements for concealed carry permits including:

  • 16 hours of in-person live classroom instruction

  • with at least 80% on a written test following the course

  • Under the new permit rule, you must recertify every 3 years (As opposed to the 5 that was standard)

  • must provide 4 character references

  • list of their social media accounts

  • periodic background checks

  • contact info for their spouse or other adults living with them

The law will also create restrictions on concealed carry permits in areas the city has deemed 'Sensitive Areas.' This means that any firearm located inside of the borders of these sensitive areas must be concealed in a lockbox. Failure to do so whether you are driving or walking will result in a class E Felony charge, the same charge as someone who possesses a firearm without any such permits.

These new restrictions create problems for everyone involved. Sergeant Ben Timerman of The Jefferson County Sheriffs' office had this to say when it comes to similar laws passed by legislation:

“Unfortunately when they pass a law, we have to interpret the law after the fact, and it is not easy,”

There are still questions about who will teach the classes, if there will be qualified candidates, and how those teachers will administer the two hours of live-fire training required for a concealed carry permit. The term dually licensed is also in contention. Under the new law, it is unclear what the state of New York intends with the rhetoric of that clause in the bill.

The bill, known as the Concealed Carry Improvement Act is an attempt to stranglehold gun ownership throughout the state. It has caused fits of fear and outrage to pour out of the American Citizens of New York. Assemblyman Mark Walczyk had criticism for the decision to implement the bill after the supreme courts ruling saying:

“They are the law of the land, and when they make a 6 to 3 super-majority decision about something that constitutional or unconstitutional in the state of New York, I would say we should probably all stand up and listen,”

a new lawsuit has already been filed claiming the laws brought forth by the legislators in New York is unconstitutional. The Gun Owners of America, a gun rights group, has called for a preliminary injunction, in an attempt to block the law from taking into effect while the suit remains.

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