United States suspends steel tariffs on Ukraine, which were imposed under President Trump in 2018

On Monday, Joe Biden and his administration put a one-year pause on tariffs imposed on Ukrainian Steel imports, the administration is hopeful they will be able to benefit the struggling economy of Ukraine, as it faces a war effort with Russia.

In the aftermath of a dramatic evacuation of citizens attempting to shelter in a steel plant in Mariupol while Russian soldiers were breaching the city, the Ukrainian Commerce Secretary claimed the importance of their steel industry. She emphasized that 1 in 13 Ukrainian citizens work in a steel mine, saying that is their economic lifeline. "We can't just admire the fortitude and spirit of the Ukrainian people -- we need to have their backs and support one of the most important industries to Ukraine's economic well-being," said Gina Raimondo the Commerce Secretary.

Raimondo said the move was "a signal to the Ukrainian people that we are committed to helping them thrive in the face of (Russian leader Vladimir) Putin's aggression."

The united states has just gotten even more involved by removing a measure that was designed to benefit domestic producers of steel. Another Globalist backstabbing move by democrats.

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