USA Department of Homeland Security creates 'Ministry of Truth' the same week Elon Musk buys Twitter

DHS Director Alejandro Mayorkas recently announced a new Ministry focused on mis and dis-information.

The announcement created a backlash from conservatives. Many argue that creating a government department to be the arbiters of truth is Orwellian in nature. This also comes just days after Elon Musk, owner of Space X, Tesla, and others, purchased twitter on Monday.

The timing of the announcement seems as if the truth Ministry will be aimed to curtail any growth Twitter may see due to its new owner's pledge for free speech and calls to bring former President Donald Trump back to the platform from other content creators.

In recent days there has been a reversal in the trend of Twitter followers. Prominent Conservatives have seen massive rises in their follower count while democrats Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren have seen their followers fall by nearly twenty thousand each. Not to mention many other prominent democrats losing followers.

These moves by the democratic party show their thirst to be the ones with the power when it comes to speech. They would like to control the conversation as they see this to be the best way to gain control of the population.


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Biden's plan to set up 'truth ministry' gets panned from his opponents

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Progressive Twitter accounts lose followers, conservatives gain

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