Vicky White, Officer who helped murder suspect flee prison, dies by self-inflicted gunshot

The prison break that captured the country's attention for the past few weeks ended Monday. The conclusion included inmate Casey White being detained again, and his officer accomplice ultimately dying by suicide.

On camera, Casey White had been seen washing a Ford F-150 pickup truck inside of a car wash. Authorities were quick to chase the car after they had received the tip. Speculation still looms on the situation. Officers have questioned why the couple appeared to be driving separate cars when filmed at the gas station but had been in the F-150 when it crashed.

When capture was inevitable for the felons, Casey came out of the car and pronounced "Please help my wife. She just shot herself in the head, and I didn’t do it." An autopsy was performed Tuesday and it was concluded she had died by suicide.

We wrote a story on Vicky White receiving a warrant for her arrest, for the abetting of a criminal escape from prison. Authorities warned her she had known the outcomes of these situations, it is truly saddening to see a situation unfold in this manner.

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