VP Kamala Harris Tests positive for Covid-19 still reports being asymptomatic

Kamala Harris tested positive for covid-19 Tuesday morning. Harris now joins her husband and personal staffers who have tested positive in the month of April. She was not considered in close contact with President Joe Biden with the fault being different flight schedules.

White House Press secretary Jen Psaki and deputy press secretary Kaine Jean-Pierre, each tested positive. Second gentleman Doug Emhoff, Harris' communications director Jamal Simmons and even Nancy Pelosi tested positive.

Officials for the White House have claimed their concern for Biden meeting with his standard advisors, but still want to 'project a level of normalcy.' Biden and harris are each vaccinated and boosted but have hosted multiple large gatherings recently. One such event was hosting former President Barack Obama which had over 200 guests.

With Midterms coming in November could the democrats be running from their criticism?


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Vice President Harris tests positive for COVID-19

Vice President Harris tests positive for COVID-19, not symptomatic

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