W VA AG announced a settlement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals in a lump sum of $99m over Opioids abuse

The state attorney general for West Virginia announced they have agreed on a settlement with pharmaceutical giant J&J in their lawsuit alleging the company concealed misconduct.

Johnson and Johnson had failed to disclose any severe risk of addiction to the opioids they produced and had overstated these painkillers' benefits. The company also promoted higher dosages while not declaring the increased risk of potential adverse effects.

The news release made the claims that J&J “turned the standard of care on its head by choosing to persuade concerned doctors that the opioids they had been unwilling to prescribe were more effective and safe enough for wide and long-term use, even for treatment of relatively minor pain conditions,” The company is facing a large portion of the blame for a chronic opioid-addicted state. They made using opioids on any injury commonplace and attempted to make you seem crazy for not wanting to use their painkillers.

The AG claimed that the manufacturer violated the state's Consumer Credit and Protection Act, saying they had created a public nuisance. The $99 million settlement is also double what the proposed settlement from J&J was.



W.Va. AG announces $99 million settlement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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