WaPo reporter Taylor Lorenz doxxed the creator of Libs of Tik Tok, receives major backlash for stunt

The woman who runs Libs of TikTok was recently doxxed by Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz. Lorenz is employed by WaPo owner and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

The account Libs of TikTok shares videos of far-left liberals often making comments similar to those of Marxist leaders worldwide. Their account has been banned and suspended multiple times even though the account is only resharing Liberal thoughts that are allowed to remain on the Tik Tok platform. The account has gained over 650k followers.

The anonymous creator put out a tweet (2nd slide) asking Taylor "Hi


! Which of my relatives did you enjoy harassing the most at their homes yesterday?"

People immediately criticized Lorenz for her terrible showing of journalism. She was asked why she targeted a private citizen who wished to remain anonymous. Lorenz's response: “[libsoftiktok] isn’t just some average woman with a social media account [but is instead a] powerful influencer operating a massively impactful right wing media shaping discourse around LGBTQ+ rights.” Implying the journalist felt that it was okay to harass the family of and share the location of someone who chooses to remain anonymous if they are posting videos of people who have your ideology in a satirical take. Does this mean that we are allowed to harass anyone that disagrees with us?

Lorenz has formerly claimed that an online smear campaign against her 'destroyed her life.' that statement alone has made many Twitter users question the hypocrisy behind the situation as the creator of libs of TikTok may now face physical harm due to the doxxing



Taylor Lorenz slammed as ‘hypocrite’ for ‘doxxing’ ‘Libs of TikTok’ creator

Hi @TaylorLorenz! Which of my relatives did you enjoy harassing the most at their homes yesterday?

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