White House expresses concern over Elon Musk purchasing Twitter, worries about power of social media

Press Secretary for the White House Jen Psaki, at least for the next few weeks, announced Monday that they are concerned about the power social media platforms can hold. This comes the day that Elon Musk purchased social media giant Twitter.

Wendy Lee, a writer for the L.A. Times, pointed out that there is a great deal of power in the data that is shared on Twitter, in her article about the now purchase of the platform. She had this to say in regards to Elon's purchase "Although Musk said he does not care about the economics behind his bid, owning Twitter could give him access to valuable data — such as how people interact with information that’s trending — that could benefit his other businesses." There are numerous reasons why Musk would want to purchase Twitter and Lee is actually spot on with this likely being a major factor in Elon's eagerness to purchase the dying social media company.

So now Democrats and the Biden administration care about Big Tech rights when they are actively promoting non-censorship, quite peculiar if you ask me.


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Biden 'concerned' about social media's power, regardless of who owns Twitter, White House says

What Elon Musk’s bid for Twitter says about social media’s political tightrope​

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