Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announces plan to bus illegal migrants to Washington D.C.

Governor Abbott announces that instead of allowing resident biden to keep bussing illegal immigrants across the country, Abbott will instead drop them on the steps of the U.S. capitol

Project Veritas Releases part 1 of their COVAX docuseries

#projectveritas is protecting Americans by showing insight into the medical field.


They will be releasing the documentary in steps and have already seen pushback on Instagram and Facebook.

Project Veritas Releases part 2 of their COVAX docuseries

A J&J employee lays out his ultimate plan: Blow darts are always the answer, for those pesky unvaccinated!

Project Veritas Releases part 3 of their COVAX docuseries

This time they have dinner with a J&J employee who discusses vaccines for kids. Obviously in opposition to kids being forced to take these experimental drugs.

Biden poops himself constantly, makes staff clean it up- Alex Jones

It has been reported to Alex Jones that biden repeatedly poops his pants, running around the White House late at night. Staff have reported that they must 'clean up' after him

Project Veritas Releases part 4 of their COVAX docuseries

This one points out many of the ways cities are creating policies, hampering unvaccinated individuals to the point that they say ‘alright I’ll get the vax’. Even though he claims natural immunity is most likely better than a vaccination.

Project Veritas Releases part 5 of their COVAX docuseries

Pfizer is actively hiding ingredients in their Covid-19 vaccines


They do not want you to know that they are using aborted fetal cells in the vaccines that the government is forcing you to take and why would they. 


This world is much better off because of these whistleblowers 


We discuss: 

States that have proposed legislature for secession

Covid Policy that divided American’s

How different states with opposing policies are doing

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